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Kuva veneestä. Bild av en båt. Picture of a boat. serves customers with a seaworthy vessel built in Sipoo, Finland.

We will be back in 2023! Thank you for the season 2022!

Our service is carbon neutral!

We compensate all our emissions by planting carbon sinks in Finland in cooperation with Ilmastoapu Oy (website only available in Finnish). We are commited to principles for sustainable travel services and have been certified for our efforts both by Sustainable Travel Finland and Good Travel Seal.

Read more about our Sustainable Travel Program here. has acquired Business Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland Certificate as an acknowledgment for our Sustainability Program!

Our Route Map

There are plenty of places worth visiting in Sipoo, Porvoo and Helsinki. Below are listed some gems of the Archipelago we recommend and our favourite ports of departure.

We are naturally happy to pick You up almost anywhere, from Espoo in the West to Porvoo in the East.

Click on a destination on the map You would like to have additional information about. You can also use the links below:

KalkkirantaJoensuun TilaGumbostrandMöholmenNorrkullalandetÖstholmenPirttisaari

Kalkkiranta Harbour

Kalkkiranta harbour is approximately 10 km south of Highway 7 between Helsinki and Kotka. There is a bus connection from Söderkulla, Sipoo to Kalkkiranta, but the schedule is sparsely built and frankly a taxi from Söderkulla doesn’t cost more than around 25 euros.

Söderkulla on the other hand is easily accessible from Helsinki City Center with several bus connections. For more information consult the Helsinki Regional Traffic Route Planner.

You can check out the location of Kalkkiranta here:
Kalkkiranta (Google Maps)

Services in Kalkkiranta

  • Restaurant På Krogen
  • Grill Kiosk
  • Free Parking (maximum time 9 hours)
  • Payable Parkin (20 € / weekend, also daily and hourly rates)
  • Ferry Connection Pier

Gumbostrand Marina

Gumbostrand is a popular spot among summer residents, especially for voyages to the inner archipelago. Gumbo is slightly closer to Helsinki than Kalkkiranta.

From the final stop of the Helsinki Metro Line, there is a bus connection to the main road passing Gumbostrand. An approximate walk of 3 kilometers awaits from the main road to the marina. There is also a connecting bus from the main road to Gumbostrand, but it’s strongly advisable to check schedules in advance.

Check the Helsinki Regional Traffic Route Planner for additional information and schedules.

You can check the location of Gumbostrand from the link below:
Gumbostrand (Google Maps)

Services in Gumbostrand:

The Island of Norrkullalandet

View from one of the many Barbecue spots on Norrkullalandet island towards the sea.

Norrkullalandet is only about 10 minutes by boat from Kalkkiranta Harbour. In the Southern part of the island there are beautiful smooth rocks and sandy beaches. This area is a recreational zone that is maintained by the Municipality of Sipoo. It is free to use for anyone.

Access to Norrkullalandet is by ferry or boat. Beaches, Beach Volley court and barbecue spots are free to use. There is even a lookout tower with free access on the premises. Please note that most of the island is private property outside the recreational area and the traveller’s service center maintained by the Seasong company. Camping is not allowed, Norrkullalandet is a day trip destination (with the exception of renter of cabins).

Click on the link below to see Norrkullandet on the map:
Norrkullalandet (Google Maps)

Services at Norrkullalandet:

LET’S GO THERE! organises both Sightseeing Tours and Direct Transportation to the island of Norrkullalandet. Transportation service from 69 € Sightseeings starting at 99 € for the whole party!

Pirttisaari island

If You wish to see open seas, Pirttisaari island is a great destination.

The recreational area of Pirttisaari was opened in the early 2000s, when free access to the island was more widely granted. Prior to this, Pirttisaari had been the homestead of many year around residents, which it still remains being. Several of the past generations got their livelihoods from fishing, but boat building has also been an important industry on the island. The ferry that connects the local inhabitants to the mainland, M/S Pörtö, was constructed at the Pirttisaari dock, which still today specializes in building boats for professional use.

Pirttisaari also has an important military history. After WW II a coastal artillery battery was built on the shores of the island, signs of this can still be seen today. Pilots have operated from Pirttisaari since 1868 and from the years after WW II until 2011 the island also housed a Coast Guard Station. This was moved to a floating station closer to the City of Porvoo in 2011.

Camping in Pirttisaari is allowed! Feel free to place Your tent either in the lush forest or by the rugged beach rocks.

Click on the link below to see Pirttisaari on the map:
Pirttisaari, Porvoo (Google Maps)

Services in Pirttisaari

  • Plenty of space to hike, pick berries and relax
  • Lush forests, beautiful beach rocks and fantasti seaviews
  • Military History: Tower of a 152 mm coastal artillery cannon and firing station tower
  • Several firepits and complimentary firewood
  • Several dry toilets

Specialty: Shop Boat!

Finland’s oldest and last Shop Boat serves the archipelago inhabitants from Midsummer until early April. Tourists are of course welcome to shop as well! M/S Christina sells basic groceries but also for instance vegetables grown in the archipelago and local smoked fish. Beer and other mild alcoholic beverages are available too.

The Shop Boat stops from Midsummer to early April at the Pirttisaari School Jetty:
Mondays and Thursdays 10:30 am.
Saturdays 10:15 am.
(Schedules are approximate and always subject to weather conditions. does not guarantee the correctness of the schedules. Please check appropriate schedules at the Jetty or with your skipper)

M/S Christina is Finland’s oldest and only Shop Boat. As a matter of fact, it very possibly is the only one in the whole North Europe. Its importance is of course practical, but very much social too. Latest gossip is shared at the stops while enjoying an ice cream – this treat that otherwise is seldomly available in the outer archipelago.

A walk from the recreational area is well worth the effort, shopping in the Shop Boat is an experience in itself. Because the Shop Boat is the only place to buy ice cream in the outer archipelago, buying one onboard is almost considered mandatory. A stop by the Shop Boat is also a great way to meet local residents and get a glimpse in the everyday life in the outer archipelago.

LET’S GO THERE! offers transportations from the shore over Gumbostrand and Kalkkiranta harbours to Pirttisaari. We serve both public jetties at Pirttisaari: the old School jetty and Svartviken jetty (former Finnish Defence Forces’ jetty). From the School jetty the distance to the recreational area is just under 1 kilometer, whereas the Svartviken jetty is straight in the middle of the recreational area. Prices start from 79 € (one way).

Möholmen island

Möholmen is a popular spot among boat travellers, suitable for longer stopovers too.

Camping is allowed at Möholmen! There are several barbecue pits and dry toilet on the island. Since there is no ferry connection to Möholmen, there are often less day travellers than on the adjacent island of Norrkullalandet.

LET’S GO THERE! provides transportation services from Gumbostrand and Kalkkiranta harbours on the mainland to Möholmen island. Prices start from 69 € (oneway). Return tickets can be arranged at a discounted price (discount by pre-booking only), for instance outbound on Friday afternoon and return on Saturday during daytime starting at 130 €.

Joensuun Tila

Joensuun Tila (literally River Mouth Estate) is a true travellers oasis! Services include minigolf and frisbee golf courses, caravan area with overnighting and seasonal spots. Camping in tents is allowed for a small fee too and if You wish a more luxurious place to sleep, why not opt for a night at the hotel that used to be Nobel Prize Winner A. I. Virtanen’s home? It’s a beautiful place to spend the night or a few and enjoy the treats on offer at the estate.

You can access Joensuun Tila both through roads and by the Sipoo river. Kayaks and rowing boats are available for lease, should you want to explore the river on your own.

Families with children appreciate the specialty Joensuun Tila has to offer: a swimming lake with water that is guaranteed to not contain harmful bacteria that could be found in the river, since the water to the man-made lake is pumped from a surface well. No need to worry that the water in the swimming pond would be muddy, although it sits right next to the banks of the river.

LET’S GO THERE! serves Joensuun Tila from Gumbostrand and Kalkkiranta harbours. In addition You can order us for pickup at Joensuun Tila, if You wish to explore the archipelago or visit some of the island destinations. We also cater Sightseeing Tours, where You can combine a visit to the archipelago with a day or two at Joensuun Tila. We also have a Family Package, where children can learn about basic navigation at sea and even get a chance to drive our boat! Prices start from 69 € (oneway).

Östholmen island

Östholmen is situated a little further away from the shoreline and is together with adjacent Furuholmen island a popular place among boating people. The slightly rockier Furuholmen is great for anchoring with Your own boat, whereas the more territorially versatile Östholmen with its sheltered jetty is a great place to arrive even with smaller boats. The island is big enough so You are sure to find a great place to camp.

Camping at Östholmen is allowed! There are several firepits for barbecue and also a cooking shelter. You can even pre-book a real wood heaten Finnish Sauna. The island is under surveillance during the summer, which adds to safety. Several clean dry toilets are also part of the roster. Östholmen is fairly close also from Helsinki, for instance Karhusaari or why not even Vuosari harbour.

LET’S GO THERE! provides transportation services from Gumbostrand and Kalkkiranta harbours on the mainland to Möholmen island. Prices start from 69 € (oneway). Return tickets can be arranged at a discounted price (discount by pre-booking only), for instance outbound on Friday afternoon and return on Saturday during daytime starting at 130 €.


Our pricing consists of fixed price routes and routes based on travel time. The port of departure defines the price. The price includes the entire boat at Your disposal, no additional passenger fees are added. Our capacity is 1 to 5 passengers. Transportation of goods is subject to separate pricing.

We are happy to make an offer for transportation needs of a prevalent nature!

Fixed Price Routes

On the map below You can see our most popular routes. Prices are below the map.

Fixed Prices 2022

For the following routes we offer a discounted fixed price. Pricelist is valid for the time being. All rights to alternations in the pricing reserved, due to for instance rising gasoline prices. The final price is always agreed upon prior to embarking.

Prices below are valid Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. For other service hours a surplus of +50 % is added.

To save money, book your return trip when you book your journey to your destination! Return trip prices below are valid only for return trip bookings in advance. For return trips booked after departure, one way price will be deducted.

RouteDriving Time*Price
Kalkkiranta – Norrkullalandet / Möholmen
Return trip
10 min
59 €
99 €
Kalkkiranta – Gumbostrand / Simsalö / Vilstrand
Return trip
15 min
69 €
125 €
Kalkkiranta – Östholmen
Return trip
20 min
79 €
145 €
Kalkkiranta – Bodö / Pirttisaari (not Recreational Area)
Return trip
25 min
79 €
145 €
Kalkkiranta – Pirttisaari, Recreational Area
Return trip
35 min
89 €
160 €
Kalkkiranta – Kaunissaari
Return trip
40 min
89 €
160 €
Gumbostrand – Simsalö / Vilstrand
Return trip
10 min
59 €
99 €
Gumbostrand – Östholmen
Return trip
15 min
69 €
125 €
Gumbostrand – Bodö / Pirttisaari (not Recreational Area)
Return trip
30 min
79 €
145 €
Gumbostrand – Pirttisaari, Recreational Area
Return trip
40 min
89 €
160 €
Gumbostrand – Kaunissaari
Return trip
40 min
89 €
160 €
Joensuun Tila as Port of Departure or Arrival+10 min+20 € **
*Driving time is always subject to weather conditions. The portrayed time is based on optimal conditions (no hard wind, heavy rain and/or fog).
** One way
Discounted fixed prices valid for the time being.
All rights to alter pricing due to rising costs reserved.
VAT 10 % included in all prices.
We’re happy to pick You up from a multitude of harbours and jetties. Gumbostrand in Sipoo is a popular point of departure especially for travels to the inner archipelago of Sipoo. The little kiosk at Gumbo is open throughout the year.

We’re happy to make an offer for several journies or seasonal transportation services according to Your needs.

Other Routes on time based charge

For other than the routes above, charge is based on service time. If the port of departure is another than the ones stated above, a transfer fee of 90 € / h is charged. The transfer fee is based on driving from the home port of M/B LauluVene (Bodö) to the pickup location. Minimum charge for time based service is 90 €.

Minimum charge for short service (0-30 minutes)90 €
First hour (31-60 minutes)110 €
Consecutive hours, each95 €
Waiting time (idle time, waiting for the customer at port)60 € / h
Cargo transport (no passengers onboard)95 € / h
Transfer (driving to pickup location defined by customer)90 € / h
Gasoline Service (Between Pirttisaari/Bodö-Kalkkiranta)
Picking up, filling up and returning of maximum of 6 x 20 l carburant containers (gasoline, diesel, liquified gas)
Price of carburants added to price according to Karhusaari gasoline stations pricing.
89 €
VAT 10 % included in all prices.

In addition to destinations at sea, we can also cruise along the Sipoo river. Upstreams right at the delta, the Joensuun Tila traveller’s center is a popular resort, but the lazy river itself is worth seeing to. A bit upstreams from the delta lies the birthplace of our vessel, M/B LauluVene, Marino Boats Company.

Other services

Grocery Service – We pick up Your groceries from the mainland and transport them for You to the archipelago.

Gasoline Service – We pick up Your empty containers, fill them up and return them to You.

Towing Help – We can help to tow small (max. 6 m long) boats to the closest port (eg. Kalkkiranta) for service and maintenance.

Any other needs? – Feel free to ask! If our own capacity is unsufficient, we’re happy to recommend one of our partners’ services!

Payment ways and conditions

We accept VISA and Mastercard (debit/credit) cards, MobilePay and cash euros (NB! Only €!). We do not necessarily have any change, cash customers are advised to carry exact change. Although tipping the skipper is both allowed and recommended! 🙂

We can arrange for invoicing with corporate customers. Credit information is checked prior to acceptance.

For services worth over 199 euros, a downpayment of 0-100 % of the total amount can be demanded. Downpayment is paid by MobilePay:llä or bank transfer and is always subject to agreement.

Our Services

Taxi Boat Services

We transport passengers in the archipelago areas of Sipoo, Porvoo and Helsinki. The passenger capacity is 5+1 and in addition small amounts of luggage is permitted onboard. All passengers will be provided with lifevests onboard M/B LauluVene. Thanks to our shallow displacement (ca. 0,8 m) we can cater most jetties. Weather permitting, our operating speed is 18-22 kn, which for instance allows us to reach Norrkullalandet recreational area from Kalkkiranta harbour in less than 10 minutes, and the Pirttisaari recreational area in roughly half an hour, considering areas with speed limits. Rough weather is no object for our boat, we can operate in more demanding conditions and still have You and Your belongings transported safely to Your destination. Speed and choice of route is always subject to conditions.

We mainly cater the water areas of Sipoo, Porvoo and Helsinki, but longer journeys can be negotiated too. This picture is taken of the island fort of Svartholma, off the coast of the City of Loviisa.

Animal Transport

Pets are welcom onboard M/B LauluVene at their owner’s responsibility. Any costs affiliated with damage caused by animals will be deducted from the owner. Aggressive or fearful dogs will have to wear a muzzle. We recommend the use of lifejackets for animals (bring Your own). Should You not have a lifejacket for Your dog, we recommend wearing a harness, for easier boarding and disembarking. Cats always travel in a cage or carry bag onboard M/B LauluVene. Please consult the skipper for transportation of animals other than cats and dogs. We do not transport animals as cargo, the owner must always travel with her/his animal(s).

We welcome four-pawed passengers! Pictured at the right of the human passenger are: Arttu-Paavo, Lysti, Cindy and Sofi.

Transportation of goods

Small amounts of goods as separate cargo transport is also possible with M/B LauluVene. We can for instance transport Your groceries from the mainland to the islands or small amounts of carburants (gasoline, diesel, liquified gas) in Your own containers. Should You need assistance, we’re happy to pick up and fill up Your containers for You for a small service fee. Maximum weight for cargo transports is 200 kg and the maximum size of a single object is approximately 50 cm x 50 cm x 4 m. For transportation of heavy objects (over 25 kg) or sizeable objects (see maximum measures above), we demand assistance in both pickup and drop-off locations.

Small amounts of goods can also be transported as separate cargo transports.
Should You run out of for instance coffee, call in a delivery to Kalkkiranta or Gumbostrand from the local supermarket, we’ll pick Your groceries up and bring them to Your jetty – or if needed, even all the way in to Your cabin.

Sea Burial

If You wish to respect the memory of a beloved departed, we are at Your service for sea burial (available for cremated deceased exclusively). The dispersing of ashes is conducted at the Helsinki regional waters, next to Abrahaminluoto, south of Suomenlinna island fortress. Departure is according to agreement either from the Sea Harbour (Merisatama) next to Café Carusel or from the Market Square (Kauppatori) next to the Old Market Hall.

Our Skipper always wears a black suit with black tie to respect the memory of the deceased and the sorrow of the grievers.

Between 1 and 6 people can participate in the Sea Burial. Total time is approximately 1 – 1½ hours, depending on weather conditions.

A Sea Burial is a touching way to respect the memory of a beloved departed one. Dispersing of ashes in the sea requires a permit, but off the coast of Helsinki there is a designated area, where this is allowed. Please notica that all other arrangements for the event should be carried through with a Funeral Home. We of course remain at Your service, should You need help in finding an appropriate service provider.

The price for the transportation service of a Sea Burial is 279 € (VAT 10 % included).

Presenting our skipper Kristian

I have plenty of experiene in driving all sizes of boats and have been commander for both rowing boats and a little bigger water vessels. In the picture I am on the fly bridge of a 28 ft. boat on my way to the home port in the outer archipelago.


My name is Kristian Meurman and I am the skipper for and m/b LauluVene. I’ve lived most of my life in the proximity of the sea and have spent my summers in the outer archipelago, especially on the island of Bodö in Porvoo, since I was a baby. My love for the archipelago and the sea had me doing my military service in the Navy as well.

I’ve had the plan of boat transport business for a few years, but a real nudge in the right direction came in the late summer of 2021, when I purchased M/B LauluVene and decided that others should benefit from this beauty too.

I used to work onboard a ship, when I was younger and have a professional license for driving charter boats together with international boat driving license. In addition I have completed competence for traffic in European inner waterways (Code Européen des Voies Navigables Intérieures – CEVNI).

Welcome aboard!

Ask for an offer

Please feel free to contact us for additional information of or if you wish to ask for an offer concerning our services:

Call: +358 440 811 020 / Kristian
Send email:
Send WhatsApp Message: WhatsApp Facebook (Messenger)

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