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The service is provided by Vision A2Z Oy (Y-2918097-3).

Handling and recording of private information

We do not harvest any personal data about our website’s users. By consenting to the use of cookies, the user gives permission to possible visibility of his/her IP address. does however not use this information for its own purposes in any way. A user is entitled to not agree to the use of cookies. When approving the use of cookies, a user is considered to acknowledge abandoning his/her rights to not consent to cookies for that using period.

Register information does not actively gather any register information. Email messages and other personal communication is managed through secured connections. Our customer register consists of email messages. Mr. Kristian Meurman is the register keeper for this information. Upon request, a person’s or a company’s all correspondence can be permanently deleted. The request must be made in written form and must be sent from the address concerned. Permanent deletion of correspondence is upon request granted and executed within 7 days, followed by emptying of the cache memory of the corresponding computer, to ensure no trace of the deleted correspondence will prevail. Permanent deletion can not be reversed.

For additional information, or if you wish to request to be wiped out of the register, please contact us by email:

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